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The Primary Statement of the Islamic National Salvation Party (INSP)

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العودة إلى صفحة المنشورات

In The Name of Allah, The Most

Gracious, The Most Merciful


 Ladies and Gentlmen ,

Aslamu Alykum wa Rahmat Allah wa Barakatu .

We are pleased to meet you today to announce the establishment of the INSP .

- Motto : Right, Unity and Salvation .

- Permanent place : Jerusalem the capital of Palestine .

- Temporary place : Gaza City .

- Essence :A Palestinian political party that operates in accordance with the Islamic doctrine as regards the Palestinian issue and the Palestinian affairs adopting " Shura " ( the principle of council)- in its internal structure - and the legal political struggle to achieve its objectives .

- Defends the rights of the Palestinian people and develops the Palestinian community in accordance with a cultural, social and political comprehensive Islamic perspective .

Principles :

1- Islam is an integral system of our life and a solution for all problems .

2- The palestinian people, either inside or outside Palestine, is considered as a one whole unit who should contribute in building up our country, achieving freedom and independence.

3- Palestine is a one geographical unit and its case is an Islamic, Arab and Palestinian one .

4- Jerusalem is considered the throbbing heart of Palestine and its eternal capital .

5- INSP believes in religious and cultural freedom in addition to multi - political parties .

INSP assures its independent birth, decisions and that it isn't a dissension or an alternative of any Palestinian movement or group. And considers itself a complementary tributary to the history and efforts of the Islamic Movement in Palestine .

INSP welcomes all Palestinians in their various religious, political and social factions .

INSP refuses all the injust accords signed with the Israeli enemy which were imposed on the whole region and that don't satisfy the minimum requirements and ambitions of the Palestinian people .

Objectives :

We have decided to set up this party which aims at spreading its principles and objectives through all means of legal political struggle for the sake of the following :

- Committed to our Islamic duty and the common interest of the Palestinians .

- Supporting the Palestinian citizen and uniting the Palestinian efforts .

- The necessity of the prudent treatment for the critically present requirements created by the inadequate accords signed with Israel .

- The need for a participation in the political - cultural activity, the social - economic construction,

- Protecting the religious values and human rights including women, labourers and cultural societies,

- Restraining corruption, ignorance tyranny and eliminating all phases of fear, poverty and disease.

Mr. Issmail Abu Shanab, the head of INSP, is an engineer is who has been in Israeli jails since 1989.

On this occasicn we call all concerned parties and societies of human rights for releasing the head of INSP and alll prisoners and detainees particulary " Sheikh " Ahmed Yassin .

Finally, we greet our Palestinian courageous detainees, the wound and the martyrs.

Our compliments are to the chairman Arafat and to everyone who has financially and spiritually supported the establishment of our party .


Thank you all for you attendance .

The Political Bureau


Palestine on 11.12.1995


Last update at 22/11/98

العودة لصفحة الوثائق




تصميم وإشرافسامي يوسف نوفل